Dentures in Alamogordo, NM

Dentures are a trusted restorative treatment designed to replace a group of missing teeth. This can include several missing teeth in a row or an entire dental arch. At Mountain View Dental & Orthodontics, we provide traditional and implant-supported dentures to accommodate your unique needs. While traditional dentures are an affordable solution, we highly recommend dental implants to provide greater stability and protect your oral health. Our team can work closely with you to provide personalized, high-quality care at every stage of treatment at our Alamogordo, NM, practice.

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How do Dentures Work?

Dentures are available in partial or full forms and are made of natural materials that closely resemble your natural teeth and gums. A partial denture is designed to replace a few missing teeth, often in a row, whereas a full denture replaces an entire dental arch. These restorations sit on top of the gums and are secured using a special dental adhesive or metal clasps, as well as natural suction.


Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant-supported restorations are secured by small titanium posts which are surgically placed into the jawbone. The implant provides unparalleled stability, preventing the dentures from sliding out of place when speaking or eating. Additionally, dental implants protect against jawbone atrophy which results from missing teeth. This maintains a healthy jaw bone that supports your cheeks and is essential to your oral health.


Affordable Restorative Care

While your insurance may fully cover traditional dentures, implant-supported restorations are typically not. As such, many patients are concerned about the financial investment required for dental implants. However, we accept financing through CareCredit® and LendingClub® to help reduce your immediate out-of-pocket expenses.


The Treatment Process

Typically, dentures require at least two appointments. During the first stage of treatment, one of our doctors will prepare your smile, performing any necessary preliminary procedures such as extractions or dental implant surgery. Once complete, they will then take impressions of your bite. Impressions will be used to create your custom denture for a comfortable, precise fit. While your dentures are being fabricated, we will often provide you with a temporary restoration.

While traditional dentures are an affordable solution, we highly recommend dental implants to provide greater stability and protect your oral health.

If you have undergone dental implant surgery, you will need to wait about four to six months for the treatment site to heal. Otherwise, you will return to our office within a few weeks to receive your denture. Your doctor will check the fit of your restoration and make any minor adjustments as needed. When you leave our office, you will have a complete smile you can feel confident in.


Caring for Your Dentures

For traditional denture wearers, it is recommended that you:

  • Clean your prosthesis, gums, the roof of your mouth, and tongue after meals
  • Soak the denture overnight in an approved solution
  • Gently brush your denture daily with a soft-bristled toothbrush
  • Exercise care when cleaning your prosthesis to prevent damage
  • Avoid using products with bleaching agents

If you have implant-supported dentures, caring for your new smile will be the same as your natural teeth. Maintaining your regular oral hygiene routine and attending bi-annual cleanings and exams will be essential.


Restore Confidence in Your Smile

Do not allow tooth loss to prevent you from living life to the fullest. Our team can provide you with high-quality dentures to restore function and aesthetics to your smile. Contact us online or call us at 575-448-0309 to schedule your consultation.