Emergency Dentist in Alamogordo, New Mexico 

Each one of our dental professionals at Mountain View Dental & Orthodontics is considered an emergency dentist, meaning they have the education and skills necessary to help relieve pain and restore your smile in the event of an emergency. If an emergency has occurred in which more than just your teeth have been affected, please call 911. 


Severe dental emergencies are issues that we fix as soon as we possibly can. If you are experiencing any of the following dental emergencies, please give us a call. 

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Knocked-Out Tooth 

We qualify a tooth being completely, forcefully removed from its socket as a dental emergency that would need immediate attention. Both adults and children are at risk for getting a tooth knocked out just by participating in normal day-to-day activities, especially by participating in physical sports. 

In the case of this happening to you or your child, we would encourage you to try and locate the tooth, place a gauze compress on any bleeding, and give us a call immediately. In some cases, depending on how the tooth was forcefully removed, we can place the tooth back in the original socket. 


Broken Tooth 

Experiencing blunt force trauma to a tooth can cause it to fall out completely or break into pieces. For minor breaks, such as a chipped tooth, we can fix it at your earliest convenience. For major breaks, we would suggest you come in as soon as possible. 

Major breaks expose the inner portions of your tooth, leaving your tooth at greater risk for bacteria and cavities. Our main goal when this occurs is to maintain your natural tooth, so we do what we can to reattach the broken portion. If reattaching the piece is not possible, we offer restorative procedures that will give you a new full tooth.


Periodontal Disease

Periodontal or gum disease occurs when oral health habits are not regularly performed, and plaque builds up and causes an infection in the gums. This disease presents itself through constantly swollen and bleeding gums in a specific area. If you are starting to notice that one particular location of gum tissue is constantly irritated, swollen, or bleeding, please give us a call. In the early stages of this disease, we can remove infection entirely, but it gets harder to remove it once it has progressed further into the gum tissue. Periodontal disease is taken very seriously at Mountain View Dental & Orthodontics due to the number of teeth that can be lost and the bodily health problems it can create. 


If you are currently a patient of ours or are just visiting Alamogordo, New Mexico, and are experiencing any dental emergency, please get in touch with us. We are an office full of emergency dental specialists who are ready to help you at any time. We encourage you not to wait in the case of an emergency!