• Testimonials

  • My daughter needed braces and we had heard only great things about Mountain View Dental so we made an appointment. We went and my daughter was very clear that all she wanted for Christmas was braces. After the consult, I asked if she could get her braces the next day. Dr. Farnsworth's assistant, Alexis, said that there were, unfortunately, not any openings and that my daughter would have to wait until the 3rd week in January. My 13 year old daughter looked away from us and a tear rolled down her face. Alexis saw this and said that she was going to see about the possibility of a 7:00 am appointment the next day . When she left, my daughter bowed her head and prayed that somehow, God would work it out. Alexis came back and said that Vanessa, an employee and also a friend of ours, would stay late, as well as Dr. Farnsworth, and they could do the braces right then and there. This is going the extra mile and I will most definitely refer my friends. The environment is warm and friendly and everyone was amazing. And my daughter got her Christmas wish afterall...Thank You Mountain View Dental, Dr. Farnsworth, Vanessa, and Alexis for your over the top attention and kindness.

    Sherry D.

  • Dr. Westover made my day today! Last night my three-year-old son fell and hit his face on the tile and knocked a tooth out of place. I called Dr. Westover on his after hours cell phone last night and he was very kind and empathetic to my situation. After looking at a couple pictures that I sent him he advised I come in for an x-ray today. I was worried about paying out-of-pocket for my sons appointment as he was not in rolled in our dental insurance yet. When I came in today the staff was amazing and Dr. Westover did a great job working with my son and diagnosing him. He ended up giving us an amazing discount even though my son was not covered by insurance! Thank you Mountain View dental and Dr. Westover!

    Michelle M.

  • Staff was open and super friendly! Very professional! It was a Blessing! Rooms were open corridors. The Dental owners children were able to play and run around today at least. We were treated with utmost respect. No surprises! Rooms were bright! I was able to check on ALL 3 of my children NO Problemo! Today there was a bouncy house. Coming from FW this was refreshing! Maybe in future they would consider Kid themed Murals, wifi, coffeebar & accepting Dental discount Programs. This staffs overwhelming Generosity gave this mom Peace of Heart!!!

    Frances W.

  • Dr.Warren and his staff were great, I felt very comfortable and the office staff is very helpful, and sweet. I was,told at Smiles Forever, I needed more fillings than I actually did, but went to Mountain View, and Dr.Warren found, I didn't need but a few. So they saved me hundreds of dollars, and time..Thank you Dr Warren and staff, at Mountain View..

    Lora F.

  • Absolutely love this place! My daughter recently got braces and they were excellent! They have a great program where the kids can help pay for the braces, which I love because it helps her take ownership and take care of her teeth. Their routine care service is excellent as well. My kids love going for their appointments!

    Cinda C.

  • I love this place! My 5 year old came in to get a filling and they were amazing with her. She keeps telling me that she loves the dentist and wants to go back. I've had nothing but positive experiences here and have to say this it is the best dentist I have ever been to! They even helped me figure out payments for all the work thay needed to be done and explained everything that they were doing in great detail so I didn't leave confused about anything.

    Kristen M.

  • Great staff, helped us surprise my daughter who thought she couldn't get braces right away, brought her to tears when she realized she was getting them that day!! They have always provided the best care for my family. Thank you mountain view.

    Heather B.